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Taekwondo (WT) TUSAH STARTER Uniform

Taekwondo (WT) TUSAH STARTER Uniform

Ribbed Material. 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton

EMBROIDERED back, white V neck.

Sizes: 90cm-210cm


Unit: tk

32,00 €

* Size


*Dobok is designed to feel light and flexible giving you zero restriction when training and competing, while being simultaneously durable.

*Soft spandex band is incorporated in the waist section for extra flexibility and comfort.

*The Trousers have an elasticated waist with a drawstring for a super secure fit.

*Full length gusset has been built in for full flexibility.

*The white neck has TAEKWONDO in English and Korean stitched on the back of the jacket and Tusah embroidered logo right chest and leg, underneath the collar on the back and WT embroidery on the back bottom of the suit.

*WT approved!

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