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Sākums / Tusah uniforma EazyFit KYORUGI

Tusah uniforma EazyFit KYORUGI

Tusah EazyFit KYORUGI vorm.

100% polyester, cool mesh.

Mugav ja kerge.

Valge või musta kraega.

Suurused: 130cm-210cm.


Vienība: tk

59,00 €

* Uniformas apkakles krasa

* Garums cm


This uniform is one of the lightest uniforms on the market today. 

It was specially designed for World Taekwondo Federation sparring and competition.

Fighter Uniform is made up of 100% polyester cool mesh material. The inner cool mesh allows moisture to evaporate faster, consistently giving you a fresh, cool feeling.

It has a full length gusset allowing for even greater freedom of movement during high kicking Taekwondo events.

Elasticated and drawstring trousers ensure a comfortable fit during extreme training movements.

This Dobok allows all athletes competing at a high level to equally feel comfortable and enjoy and be part of the experience.



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