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Sākums / Tusah kāju aizsargi ar pēdas aizsargu

Tusah kāju aizsargi ar pēdas aizsargu

Tusah säärekaitsmed eemaldatava jalapealse kaitsmega.

Suurused: XXS-XL.


Vienība: komplekt

35,00 €

* Izmērs


Taekwondo protective shin guard guarantees the user of optimal performance, mobility, and protection. Made with PU foam, the wearer is reduced from the risk of injuries.

Three-strap system along with a right and left shin mold, secures a comfortable and ultimate fit.

The instep is detachable so you will be able to train with them and then take the instep of for competition use.

WT and CE approved!


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