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Sākums / Tusah Special Edition Fighter KYORUGI uniforma

Tusah Special Edition Fighter KYORUGI uniforma

Tusah Special Edition Fighter KYORUGI vorm.

Traditional pattern material, 100% CLIMACOOL technology.

Special seams around the body keep the uniform in correct position under the trunk protector during competitions.


Musta kraega.

Suurused: 160cm-210cm.


Vienība: tk

149,00 €

* Garums cm


This uniform separates itself from others as it doesn’t look like your everyday sparring uniform and holds more functions than them.

The production of this uniform involves a cutting method used in old traditional Korean outfits (Hanbok) to give athletes a relaxing and free-flowing mobility.

COOLMAX technology transports moisture away from the body through the fabric for a cool & refreshing feeling and the quick drying material allows athletes to continue their passion without discomfort.

Careful thought and time was spent on each detail of the uniform: from the embroideries to labels, designers made sure to add the extra effort to make this uniform stand out from the rest.

The black V-neck region of the uniform is specially designed to stay up and not drag down during competition, so when athletes compete with their chest protectors they won’t have to be concerned about adjusting their uniforms constantly.

It was successfully showcased at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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